Direct and indirect references that were used to create immersion are listed below.
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Direct references

Bass, Drums and Synth audio tracks By “remix-it”
(Original song is The chosen track is 'Fast Lover' by Melbourne electro-pop outfit 'Peacocks' ( ).


All Packages - FLARManager Reference


transmote speaks...FLARManager v0.6 (augmented reality in Flash)


saqoosha/FLARToolKit/en - Spark project


ARToolKit Marker Generator Online released! «


All Packages - Papervision3D Official Documentation


FLARToolKit userz | Google Groups


FLAR how-to: Multiple instances of multiple markers. -


Using Matrices for Transformations, Color Adjustments, and Convolution Effects in Flash | Adobe Developer Connection


Miscellaneous augmented reality references

FLARToolkit and FLARManager - InsideRIA


Augmented Reality - FLARToolKit Demo Reel with Source! |


FLARToolkit Single & MultipleMarker Detection : CODEXPERIMENTS


Adobe Edge: August 2009 - Learn to augment reality using a webcam and Flash CS4 - Introduction to Augmented Reality - Augmented Reality with FLARManager


YouTube - How To Create Augmented Reality Apps


Introduction to Augmented Reality at The other Andrew Hunt


“Preparing Us For AR”: the value of illustrating of future technologies – Blog – BERG


Computer Arts - Work with augmented reality


Flash, Flex, Actionscript3 references

Archived Flash Players available for testing purposes


ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference


Flex 3 - Adobe Flex 3 Help


Shupe, R. & Rosser, Z. (2008) Learning ActionScript 3.0, First edition.
O’Reilly Media California.

Learning ActionScript 3.0 Companion Website


Adobe - Flex Quick Start Basics: Embedding Assets


AS3-101: Intro to Functions Part 2 and Class Overview | Graphics, Multimedia and Such - Taterboy


Variables, Data Types, Classes, Properties And Methods In AS3


Blur trail FX

Create a Glowing Mouse Trailer in Flash


Creating a Fading Trail Effect in Flash | Mehdi's Web Design Corner


Particle FX

Flash Particle Effects


Audio / Sound FX

SoundFX, out-of-the-box audio filters with actionscript 3 – Antti Kupila


SoundTransform - ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference


also's soundtouch-as3 at master - GitHub


The Flash Blog » Adjusting audio pitch in Flash Player 10 Adobe Is Making Some Noise Part 1


standingwave - Project Hosting on Google Code

Actionscript 3.0 SoundChannel Position Pause Bug | Zac Vineyard’s Blog Video Tutorial: Pausing and Resuming Sound | Flash Game University



The delicous goldmine!