Welcome to the Festival from Don Aitkin, President of Pro Musica, Governor-General Quentin Bryce, ACT Chief Minister and Minister for the Arts, Jon Stanhope, and Pro Musica patron Barbara Blackman.

From the President of Pro Musica

Don AitkinIn a year whose headlines focus on economic crises, floods and devastating bushfires, our hold on sanity comes through focusing on what is beautiful and everlasting. For all of us connected to Pro Musica, music has those essential qualities.

In this, our 15th Canberra International Music Festival, Artistic Director Chris Latham has found wonderful new musicians and exciting new venues to remind us of music's power to entrance, to heal and to unite. There is something for everyone in the program, and an opportunity, too, for us to move from our musical comfort zones and hear something new and different. If we discover its message, we widen our capacity to listen and appreciate. For a festival is not just a series of concerts, it is a total experience, in which good music cumulates over the festival period, as does our familiarity with venues, and our pleasure at meeting old friends and encountering new ones.

The 15th Canberra Festival will be very special. I welcome you to it.

Professor Don Aitkin AO,
President Pro Musica

From the Governor-General of Australia

Quentin BryceMusic has been a most important part of my life, and I see it as one of the universal human endeavours that bind us together as a society. It is my pleasure to join esteemed Australian conductor Sir Charles Mackerras and poet and philanthropist Barbara Blackman as a patron of Pro Musica, and thus of the 15th Canberra International Music Festival. I welcome festival-goers all, from every part of our country and from overseas, to the rich mixture of musical genres and experiences that we will enjoy during the Festival’s ten days.


Quentin Bryce
Governor-General of Australia

From the ACT Chief Minister

Jon StanhopeThe ACT Government has supported the Canberra International Music festival from its very early days, and I have watched its growth to be one of the leading music festivals in our country with great pleasure. It has continued to develop its vision of bringing beautiful music to everyone in Canberra, regardless of their age, experience or musical taste. I welcome all those who love music to this, the 15th Festival. I know that performers and audiences alike will enjoy the experience, heightened by Canberra’s most beautiful season, and by our unique venues — this year in particular the newly renovated Fitters’ Workshop, between the Canberra Glassworks and the Kingston Bus Depot Markets.

Jon Stanhope
Chief Minister and Minister of the Arts

From a Patron of Pro Musica

Barbara BlackmanWhat I feel Pro Musica is doing with its way forward, and in this Festival, is locating the bridge that spans the whole specturm from young to old and the whole range of musical taste. I feel this programme gives people the opportunity to come and listen again to well loved works and also to let themselves go into the new. There is courage in the air. There is encouragement in its wake. We need to build up in young people and in older people, never too late! - the happy habit of concert going and lead them towards becoming an eager, informed and discerning audience.

On with the Festival with its offerings to regular and newcomers, and to us oldies at the far reach, something of that adventure we had when young of discovering great wonders to be explored.

Barbara Blackman
Patron Pro Musica



ACT Government

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